How It Works?


Pet Locator USA is Fast, Easy and Proven to Work.90% of reunited pets make it home because of word of mouth. Pet Locator USA is the largest missing pet word of mouth network.

Are you curious about how Pet Locator USA works? Just remember: Register, Report, Reunite. That is how simple Pet Locator USA is!

3 Easy Steps to Locating Your Missing Pet with Pet Locator USA:


First, register your pet. You will provide Pet Locator USA with a clear picture of your best friend, along with contact information, special needs info, medication, and more. This step allows you to provide all of the information that makes your pet unique and helps your pet to be located should you encounter a missing pet emergency.


Once you report your missing pet, Pet Locator USA immediately begins the creation of your pet’s PDF flyer and circulates it to hundreds of outlets. These outlets include vets, shelters, animal control units and more near the area your pet was last seen. You will also have instant access to your pet’s flyer, which can be distributed via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


90% of pets reunited with their owners are because of visual identification and word of mouth. This is
why it is crucial to let as many people as possible know that your pet is missing. Pet Locator USA helps you do
this within minutes of your pet being lost. No more time wasted on creating flyers, calling shelters, and
canvasing miles of area. Pet Locator USA does the work for you!


Are you ready to protect your pet?

Register, Report and Reunite With Pet Locator USA.

Do you want your pet to be registered with one of the largest pet location networks available?

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